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We understand the importance of keeping your property clean – for health and safety, and to create a positive first impression for those who enter your premises. Our work is guaranteed, and our team of trained professionals are dedicated to providing you with excellent service for your home, office or facility.

Office Cleaning and Sanitizing Services.

Waste bin cleanup is essential for maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and odor control in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

We Service Metropolitan Areas, Public Hospitals/ Healthcare Centers, Railways, Government Schools, Public Transport, Airlines and more.

Custodial workers help maintain a clean, orderly, and safe environment by performing a wide variety of cleaning and maintenance activities on buildings. 

Implementing professional cleaning services after construction work is crucial for ensuring the building is ready to open and safe for employees, customers and visitors. 

Professional carpet cleaning helps remove the number of airborne allergens in your home or office. This results in less sneezing, less coughing, less watery eyes, and less runny noses. 

Tile & Grout cleaning is important. We use professional cleaning methods that help extend the life of tiles and grout floors. The advanced cleaning techniques will make the tiles look as good as new. 

Floor Buffer & Polishing

Cleaning floors is more than just sweeping and mopping. While those are necessary steps, they only remove dirt and grime from the surface of your floor. Regular floor polishing will make your floors last longer and look new, even with heavy foot traffic.

Eliminate bacteria such as flu viruses, staph, and MRSA. This protects gym members and reduces the chance of staff members getting sick. Workout areas free of bacteria are also less likely to respiratory problems for people with asthma or allergies.

Proper stadium cleaning is crucial for ensuring a safe, inviting, and enjoyable experience for all visitors. By enhancing the visitor experience, promoting health and safety, extending the life of the facility, improving aesthetics, and enhancing environmental responsibility, stadium owners can reap numerous benefits from regular cleaning and maintenance


At East Coast Custodial we're dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across industries. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are committed to excellence in every cleaning task. From office buildings to retail spaces, medical facilities to educational institutions, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results, ensuring your space shines bright with cleanliness. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and use of eco-friendly cleaning products and practices, prioritizing both the health of your employees and the sustainability of our planet. Our mission is to exceed your expectations with every cleaning service we provide.